What's New at Chapman Aircraft


Expanded AMO Capabilities

I am pleased to announce that Chapman Aircraft Service Ltd has recieved our new Certificate of Approval.

It now includes: Aircraft, Avionics, Instruments, Structures and Welding

This greatly enhances our ability to service our customers needs without relying on our sub-contractors to be able to complete ELT recertification, Altimeter 24 month recertification and Encoder/ altimeter correlations.

Our aim is to look after anyone with an appointment in a timely manner in which they can fly in, borrow a car or walk into Arnprior for shopping or a visit to the coffee shop and return to a recertified ELT and Altimeter and with the Encoder/ Altimeter correlation completed. The best part is there is no mark up of fees and no travel time charged and you have spent a delightful few hours in the prettiest town in the country!

ELTs can also be shipped to: 

Chapman Aircraft Service Ltd.
634 Johnston Rd., RR#2, Arnprior, ON
K7S 3G8


Remember when  shipping the courier can activate the ELT’s G-switch and dispatch SAR resources. CARs 571 appendix G(a) states “ When shipping an ELT, the battery shall be disconnected. If that is not practicable, the ON/OFF/ARM switch shall be secured in the "OFF"

 Please enclose a  Purchase Order/Request letter (PDF)  with the ELT stating the aircraft that it was removed from and your contact information. We will contact you to arrage payment and return the ELT to you.

We can supply ELT batteries at a very competitive price without the extra shipping costs you would have when you supply your own battery. We strive for the longest battery life for our customers, Please let us know if your sending us an ELT that needs the battery replaced in the next 12 months so we can to have a fresh battery waiting for your ELT. Call 613-623-7231 if you have a question about your ELT or battery.